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  • Different Ways to Love Your Wife​

    Meet Dawn Basketball Nut. He is very courageous of a kind of sport that can talk to someone about his favorite basketball team going to listen. One night, Dawn's wife sat next to him. He put his fingers around his neck and asked him, "Do you love me more than basketball?"


    Surprisingly, don thought long before answering. They finally said, "college or NBA?"


    While most people do not blame the size, often we miss the opportunity to recognize their spouses. Marriage is not an audience game It does not have any place for verbal delusion or whimsical delusion. You can work in a locker room with male boys, but our wives are out of reach.


    Dawn's wife, wife and wife What do you want? Confirmation It's very much there is no sexual demand, which is connected with a soft, gentle, thoughtful, unexpected, meaningful, heartfelt acceptance.


    It's hard for a man, I know. A person usually sets goals and usually works when something comes up. When it comes to romance, there is only one temptation to vow because she expects "sex" in return.


    If we resolve our goal undoubtedly, you and I will score more points - no conditions. My goal is to see my wife as a love, valuable, valuable and gifted as love of my life.

    Reference: Happy Birthday Wife Wishes, Quotes, Messages and Images.


    We all should follow Solomon. Conversely, Solomon called the song "My Beloved" in Psalm Song 40 times. It's full of dial phrases. This is a romantic expression, which is a rich friendship. Solomon's "my love" every time, his words gave him respect and value.


    Which woman will not survive under this kind of love system?

    Here are 30 ways to save your girl with words and assurance. In circumstances, you are fair, so you can speak romantic love with her. It's important to know that you do not do these things to get something back. Maybe she will send you back to your language, but this is not your goal. Are you ready?


    1. Every day before going home, kiss her and kiss her. Research shows that the marriage of this simple discipline is healthier than those who do not. When he sleeps, send him a message or gently kiss his forehead and shout, "Nice days, be nice."


    2. When you drive and hold a few moments, you reach the front seat of the car. Let your fingers come in.


    3. Write: "I'm mad about you, honey, you're the best!"


    4. The call is working on it, and "I was surprised to tell how well I thank you for all that you have for a woman and everything you do for me and our family, you worked in my life."


    5. The next time you receive a ticket for a ball game, the theater or concert in which you want to participate, becomes a victim. Instead of going with a friend, tick him with a message in his purse: "You make one night alive, have fun with a friend.


    6. Walk all day without criticizing anything. Rather, try to appreciate what you appreciate, and ask him how much you appreciate him.


    7. Go to sleep with her for a week at the same time; Just talk or read a book and share a quiet life together. Or play the card game you played when you were just married.


    8. Brush her hair and praise her hair and eyes.


    9. When he reads his face in the mirror, he comes after him and gently kisses his neck. Say, "You've wished Lord Gray after you became, you are very beautiful."


    10. Call them at midnight or email and ask them how they are doing today.

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